My local dealership called today and said they have a '09 Escape brochure with my name on it. Let my Son (just got his driving permit) drive me down in my '09 FEH to pick it up. I noticed as I turned into Mullinax Ford they had a FWD FEHL, Black Pearl Slate W/Nav and side steps (fully loaded) sitting on display. Billy Stamboulides a sales associate, came out to meet me and ask me where I got my '09 FEH. We talked a bit and I was curious what they where looking to get for the '09 FEHL. He said I could drive it away for window sticker with no dealer fees. He said they also have a Lt Blue FEH coming in.

This dealership is 11 miles south of Jupiter in a small town called Lake Park. If anyone is interested in avoiding the $1,000 price increase Aug 1 and getting the $3,000 tax credit this year, call Billy and say you got my message (Gary Gattis). I would use my credit or debit card on the phone for a down payment before it is sold. Make sure Billy agrees to the terms above. This one was just in and displayed today. I think the sticker was $34,070

Good Luck

BTW, my Son averaged 49.2mpg on his first drive in my '09 FEHL on a ~25mile round trip that started with a cold engine.