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    '09 FEH On A Lot

    My local dealership called today and said they have a '09 Escape brochure with my name on it. Let my Son (just got his driving permit) drive me down in my '09 FEH to pick it up. I noticed as I turned into Mullinax Ford they had a FWD FEHL, Black Pearl Slate W/Nav and side steps (fully loaded) sitting on display. Billy Stamboulides a sales associate, came out to meet me and ask me where I got my '09 FEH. We talked a bit and I was curious what they where looking to get for the '09 FEHL. He said I could drive it away for window sticker with no dealer fees. He said they also have a Lt Blue FEH coming in.

    This dealership is 11 miles south of Jupiter in a small town called Lake Park. If anyone is interested in avoiding the $1,000 price increase Aug 1 and getting the $3,000 tax credit this year, call Billy and say you got my message (Gary Gattis). I would use my credit or debit card on the phone for a down payment before it is sold. Make sure Billy agrees to the terms above. This one was just in and displayed today. I think the sticker was $34,070

    Good Luck

    BTW, my Son averaged 49.2mpg on his first drive in my '09 FEHL on a ~25mile round trip that started with a cold engine.

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    Man Gary, if that thing was

    Man Gary, if that thing was AWD I'd be all over it. I'm up in Tallahassee and ordered mine (which is exactly what you described except with AWD) from a smaller dealership in South Georgia on July 3. No word about a VIN yet, so I'd be tempted to buy an '09 FEH off the lot somewhere if it was what I wanted. Stupid allotment wars.

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    Good info... thanks Gary.

    Good info... thanks Gary. 34K... man that's steep. I got my 08 FEH with all features minus the moon roof for 28,400 this time last year. That's quite an increase in a year.

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    Thanks a good information

    Thanks a good information .Thanks for posting them. This is quite a increase this year, i hope i can stick with the older one for a few time.

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