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    Most of the consumers are

    Most of the consumers are having the same problem.I think there is some fault in the ECON system.This type of problem is experienced by a consistent amount of users.

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    I definitely don't have this

    I definitely don't have this problem with my '09 FEHL AWD. I still think you have a major bug Gary, I'm surprised you're getting as good MPG as you're getting with no Econ shutoff.

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    IG, the '09 HV battery runs

    IG, the '09 HV battery runs much cooler than my '05 FEH, so the A/C compressor runs less to keep it cool. In my '05 FEH, I ran the cabin A/C more because the compressor was On cooling the battery much more. Most of the time it is only me in the FEHL, so I rarely use the cabin A/C unless my wife or friends are with me.

    The moon roof also helps with ventilation, so I find it cuts back on the need for the A/C for just me. I'm getting record mileage for the summer and E-10 with my FWD FEHL, and I'm driving much faster roads and speeds now. From a cold start in the morning this week, my MPG average in 15 miles with no shutdowns has gotten to over 55mpg. Shutdowns cause the FEH to use the warm-up strategy which brings down the overall average MPG each time you stop for over 5 minutes or longer. Once you figure out all the Do's and Don't strategies, you can plan your routes and stops for the best MPG averages. You can't avoid those short trips all the time, but you can take advantage of those long trips as I try to do to keep a high MPG tank averages. I sure like using the extra money for something besides burning E-10 gas. Going 300 miles further on the same tank of gas saves lots of money these days, so I've made it a cheap hobby I enjoy.

    It may be your build date had changes in the Econ mode. What is your build date? All the FEHL that were built around July 17 seem to have the same problem as mine.

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