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    Man, Cougar... that sucks.

    Man, Cougar... that sucks. I live in South Texas and my ICE will shut off in AC/ECON/Auto mode routinely. I have an '08. It just won't stay off for me. Off for about a minute, then back on for one or two, back off, back on, etc..

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    We finally received are '09

    We finally received are '09 FEH last week. We were driving around in it last night and had the AC on using ECON and Auto and appears to be working properly. The ICE was shutting off routinely like it should when slowing down, stopping at lights and driving in parking lots. I drove the last mile to our house without the ICE kicking in once. The temp outside was about 90 degrees and we had the auto set to 77 for both driver and passenger sides.


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    Based on what JimO is

    Based on what JimO is saying, sounds you definitely have a problem Gary and Cougar. That's unfortunate too, although I guess some mistakes are to be expected for the first run of a product. Hope it's an easy fix.

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    Today the Hybrid Tech and I

    Today the Hybrid Tech and I took a new '09 FEHL for a ride to see how the A/C would allow EV in the ECON mode. At first, the A/C acted like my FEHL and the engine would not shut off. After about ten minutes and no shutdown, I turned the temp setting to 78 degrees and sure enough like Eric said the FEH went EV in the ECON mode. It was 91 degrees outside and it didn't take long for the engine to start back up again.

    The Tech pulled up the new '09 workshop manual on the Ford computer and it said that in March of '08 Ford changed to the cabin temperature monitoring system in the FEH/MMH. I'm not real happy with the '09 ECON mode if I have to turn the temperature up to 78 degrees to go EV.

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    Gary, I was driving around


    I was driving around today a little bit to do some errands.

    As you know we have had or 09 for one week (exactly). We now have just over 600 miles. with the ac at 75, the econ ON the ice was on and off anytime I was AT 40 or under. It shut off at every stop. On one stretch near my home ( a straight and very flat road) I set the cruise at 40. The ice cycled on and off twice for a few minutes each time.

    How many miles do you have now? My wife ( who drove it all week) seems to think that the ice is cycling more and more as the miles get higher...



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    Hey Sean, I'm working on my

    Hey Sean,

    I'm working on my second tank with 1262.9 miles, but having to set the A/C Temp so high for econ mode, I just run the A/C lower when others are with me. No shutdown yet because I set it at 70 - 71 degrees or no A/C at all.

    I'm going to have the two front windows and the top of the windshield tinted next week. I skipped the windshield on my '05 FEH, but it's better to do all three at the same time because of cost. I use a place called Tint King who has been tinting my vehicles for years and warranties the Job as long as you own the car. After the windshield gets tinted, I'm going to try Rain-X Anti-fog on the remainder of the windshield below the tint for mornings and rainy days without the A/C.

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    We had our front windows

    We had our front windows done locally with a solar reflective tint as dark as we could legally go (last monday).

    I didn't do the windshield on this one or the 08feh, it just looks to cheesy for me, but that is my taste.

    I'm sure your tinter(s) know not to go below the A-SI line on your windshield to keep it legal as well.

    Having owned the 08 and now this 09, I can't begin to tell you the differences in these two vehicles.

    Twice the EV.
    Much easier to go ev.
    Even during break-in I am certain this truck is staying in EV for LONGER distances than the 08 would (I am driving on the same streets).
    The 08 REALLY got good at right around 6,000 miles, I can't WAIT to see what happens with this one since it already is incredible.
    NO transition feeling from ice to ev on the 09, NONE
    SOFTER seats (WOW softer)
    totally different ride and it almost seems like the truck is heavier or less "tinny" or "bouncy" maybe?? (could be just me)
    This CVT is MUCH less "slippy".. there is more power to the wheels with the 09. The 08 at times would just be "revving up" but going nowhere. IT seemed like the 08 "slipped" to much...
    This one PULLS much harder without just slipping away (if that makes sense).. With that being said, this motor revs much less than the 08 did when pulling away from a stop...
    It almost seems like the cvt is allowing this motor to do more of the work. I can feel the "transitions" in this cvt, almost as if it was shifting. It definately allows the motor to pull at much lower rpms without just spinning up revs too easily.

    Some things I am still getting used to:

    The brakes seem WAY too touchy to me, I actually have "LESS" feeling in my brake pedal than the 08. I am having trouble stopping smoothly in things like the bank drive thru or "creeping" at a light.

    I liked the wheels on my 08 better than my 09

    I DON'T like the big tailpipe sticking out on my 09. I am considering having the end cut off at the muffler shop.

    The engine in the 09 is MUCH quieter when cruising above 40, but NOISIER when pulling away from a stop or accellerating. It is "throaty" like I can hear the intake loudly ( I even checked to make sure there was an air filter installed!

    Sync is GREAT for my wife's bluetooth phone but the "voice activated" controls are a JOKE. The truck picks the wrong thing 90% of the time, even after going thru the silly recognition program.

    I can't see the ORANGE writing on the mpg screen or radio station displays. It is MUCH harder to see what is going on in the HEV screen. The 08 Screen had less "colors" but was much easier and clearer to see the power flow.

    My Sirius radio/travel link has no ESN number, so we cannot activate it.

    That's what I have so far after just a couple of days of me actually getting to drive the 09!

    Thoughts, comments, concerns???

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    Hi Sean For those of us who

    Hi Sean

    For those of us who owned or have driven earlier FEH/MMH models, we know the '09 is a world apart. Articles written back in December after the DC Auto Show caught my eye, and then the February 14th article about changes to the '09 FEH/MMH and Fusion/Milon convinced me to order one as soon as possible.

    Now that I've had a chance to evaluate the '09 FEH/MMH, I feel very good about telling people to hold off buying the '08 and waiting for the '09. My biggest fear now is someone stealing or wrecking my '09 and not being able to replace it. When word gets out and people realize there is a safe luxury SUV that can get this kind of mileage, look out!

    Glad you are as happy as I am Sean!

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    Howdy all, As the weather

    Howdy all,

    As the weather has moderated some, I have been able to replicate the 2009 FEH ICE off when in AC+ECON Several times now.

    It is for sure linked to a set of parameters - possibly including:
    -Outside Temperature
    -Cabin Temperature
    -Requested Air Temperature
    -Delta between Cabin Air Temp and Requested Air temp
    -Settings on the Split controls (Driver & Passenger)
    -and obviously, the ICE off function is overridden by many other factors such as ICE warm up, speeds over 40, Battery cyling/over charge etc.

    All of these parameters do not allow ICE off when AC+ECON very often.... Not much of an "ECON" mode if you ask me. in my recent travels it has totaled to about 10 min of additional ICE off over the 1400 miles I now have on my FEH

    Years ago I had a Toyota with a AC ECON button and it mostly worked by turing off the compressor during brisk acceleration and then also cycling the compressor on roughly a 2 min off, 4 min on type of cycle - might be hard on the compressor clutch but it for sure lasted till I soled the car at 100k plus. about when you could feel the air starting to warm up slightly from the vents it then cooled back down - very tolerable. that type of system would be nice on the FEH.

    I am curious if the FEH does cycle the compressor once the requested cabin temp is attained or does it simply maintain and adjust via blend doors. IE: if my AC is on and I turn the requested temp higher (regardless of ECON mode or not) - As I turn to higher temps.. am I thus REDUCING AC COMPRESSOR TIME?? or simply adding heat via the blend doors.

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    Just over 700 miles now and

    Just over 700 miles now and we are getting ice shutoff at every stop regardless of outside OR inside temp settings!?!
    While stopped in EV, I even turned the temp down to 70 and no start up..

    I also noticed that my battery has been satying between 1/2 and 1/4 charge 90% of the time.

    Keep in mind that I do not manipulate ev or ice in any way.. we just drive the feh easy and ALMOST ALWAY set the cruise.

    The feh goes ev while in cruise control at 40 and cycles as needed.

    Avg. mpg 41 all rural, speed limits 35, 40 and 45mph.

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