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    Considering buying used 2004 HCH manual

    I found a 2004 HCH manual "lean burn" with 60,000 miles. They are asking 15,991 and it is a certified pre-owned so it has 100,000 mile powertrain warranty plus 1 year bumper to bumper, 1 year left on corrosion and 4 to possible 6 years 80,000-150,000 warranty on the battery pack (depending if I leave the registration in MA or change it to PA). I actually prefer driving manual, and since they no longer make manual hybrids, it is an interesting feature but possibly a worrisome one as well. I'm also debating a 2008 HCH, or holding out for a 09 HCH or Prius. I would appreciate any advice!

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    Hi narknon; I'm sure some

    Hi narknon;

    I'm sure some will agree that that is one heck of a fuel efficient machine especially if equipped with a manual transmission.

    Is there any chance to have it checked for any physical damages (flood, accidents) with a carfax or physical inspection?

    If it comes up clear, I would consider it... although it is VERY pricey for a 2004.



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