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    Power Steering Issue

    Has anyone had problems with their power steering? Mine went out tonight. Immediately the maintenance wrench light came on with an alarm. I checked the manual, and there is no power steering fluid, but it did say that the power steering will go out to keep the electrical system from overheating. It said let it cool down and try again, and that it is safe to drive w/o the power steering. I was extremely close to home, so I just wrestled it into the garage. I'm going to check on it in the morning and call the dealer.

    Anybody else heard of this happening?

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    Power Steering Issue

    Duh. It is a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid.

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    Power Steering Issue

    Bueller? Anyone?

    Oh well, if it ever happens to you, Ford took care of it ASAP and ordered a new switch. It is working fine now.

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    We had this same problem on

    We had this same problem on our 2006 Escape about a year ago. After letting the car set and starting it the next morning there was no more prolbems but we took it to the dealer. They told us there is nothing they can do untill it went out. Well, here we are a year later...4 times in 1 day.

    We are taking it to the dealer Monday. I'm glad to hear it was nothing more than a switch. Thanks

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