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    age old question: HCH versus Prius

    HCH vs. Prius. Which should I buy? Key issues: Fuel economy? Reliability? Safety features? Other?

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    Hi wilder, you'll see a few

    Hi wilder, you'll see a few threads in this same forum discussing this very same topic.

    Good luck;


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    Have you bought either make

    Have you bought either make in the past? We've been Honda fans for years, and that was definitely a factor in choosing the Civic Hybrid for us. Plus in '06 the Civic Hybrid was more-or-less *the* choice if you wanted white. Mostly emotional reasons, but still valid.

    Prius looks to be the sales leader by a landslide, judging from the numbers you see on the road. The Civic Hybrid blends in with the rest of the line, but I tend to check most every time, looking for the tell-tale stubby roof arial. The pizza wheels are apparently available with non-hybrid models now.

    The one thing that puts me off about the Prius, just looking at the exterior, is the hatchback looking rear with the tail fin right in the middle. My vision isn't the best, the Civic Hybrid is not that hot for rear visiblity, but the Prius rear view really puts me off. Not sure how it works in practice.

    The Prius by all accounts gets better mileage, has more robust batteries, relies on them more. The Civic Hybrid is milder, all about compromise, but no slouch.

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    -We test drove a Prius 3

    -We test drove a Prius 3 years ago and decided not to buy one for the following reasons:
    1. The dealer wanted to charge a surcharge of several thousand dollars, which we felt was unconscionable (he also wanted to sell us a used Prius which he said was heavily discounted, but which cost more than list for a new Prius (this led to a loss of trust in the dealer and in Toyota);
    2. the visibility toward the rear passenger side was unacceptable and poor towards the front;
    3. the interior was cheesy, the center-mounted panel was distracting, and the handling/braking responsiveness was clumsy;
    4. the crash rating was OK but not great, and I suspect Toyota may have cut a few corners too many to save weight;
    5. the traction control system would not let the car move on ice or heavy snow.
    Keep these items in mind when comparing the two. We did not test drive the Honda.

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    Can't make a bad decision.

    Can't make a bad decision. Which one can you get your hands on?

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    I know the Prius well, and

    I know the Prius well, and the HCH only from reading.

    Reliability & Safety: Both are outstanding
    Ergonomics: If you love or hate hatchbacks, that makes your choice. People write a lot about the Prius' rear view. I have no problem with it, but do have to flex to see around the middle and front pillars.
    MPG: Prius is about 35% better in city type driving, about the same on the highway. I have made a hobby out of maximizing MPG in the city, and hit 70 mpg routinely. I don't know how Civic enthusiasts do.
    Price: I think that Honda still has about a $1000 US federal tax credit available through 2008.
    Intangible: The Prius can be upgraded to a plug-in, the Civic cannot. Hard to say how much this is "worth" -- or even whether to consider it at all in the future instead of buying an OEM plug-in or electric vehicle. I consider it a hedge against skyrocketing fuel prices.

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