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    (about http://hybridcarsmanual.com ) hello guys, just inform and sharing in this forum, in here we can find million adobe pdf files for ebook manual: service manual, repair manual and owner manual


    view and download available,..pretty nice and simple site, where i can get script like that?

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    That's not a hybrid though

    That's not a hybrid though is it?

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    Stick shifts are all I

    Stick shifts are all I drive. Even though I currently am a college student and buy older cars as a result (don't have the kind of money for electric) I known soon enough electric cars will be the way I want to go, and I will want it to be manual transmission. There is no sense whatsoever in taking manual transmission out of production, as far as I see it. Period. No matter what car companies and politicians and whoever else that thinks they are more important than the people, the citizens, the normal customers; there will always be people that insist on the way of pressing the clutch and shifting their own gears. When you go electric, you can still save your volts per mile same as gallons per mile.

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    I think you're brilliant. I

    I think you're brilliant. I don't do that kind of driving, but there's a certain skill and ability to drive the car the way you want it to drive with a manual transmission that just can't be duplicated.

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    Tell you what. When they

    Tell you what. When they make a hybrid that has rear wheel drive, a six speed manual transmission, and 400 hp, I'll make the switch. Until then, I'm sticking with my current car.

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    There is not a power to

    There is not a power to torque delivery character difference in an electric motor. A gearbox might still be necessary in a hybrid / electric car in order to improve its brake force regeneration efficiency. A gearbox multiplys the revs reversing from the wheels during engine braking. Engine braking is an essential part of brake force regeneration. During engine braking the engine's crank pulley or flywheel is revved up. Alternator and AC compressor are connected to crank pulley and thus benefit from these revs. In order to maximize these revs, manufacturers are even adopting valve idiling. A technique used to eliminate engine drag during engine braking and make available the entire returning force from the wheels available at the crank pulley / flywheel for the alternator to harvest. The lower the gear the better is the engine braking efficiency. And of-course a conventional manual clutch is a must to control the braking linearity. Best part is engine braking drag will now be produced by the alternator while we would be refueling our car by prudent driving practice.Now why arint car makers offering manual transmission hybrids?

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    I would slightly disagree -

    I would slightly disagree - briefly searched through www.allcars.com and it gave me just the automatic GB option.

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    2 Bryce Couldn't see any

    2 Bryce

    Couldn't see any hybrids with a shift stick here. Even after 4 years the question still appears to be open

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    an electric powertrain does

    an electric powertrain does not need a conventional gearbox, as there is plenty of torque at low revs from an electric motor. The hybrid electric power source is often co-located within the transmission for this reason.

    Just a point of order, and only 4 years too late, but its debatable whether you can do any "good" for the planet with an automobile.

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