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    When I ordered my 2009 Limited FEH a rep from Ford helped the salesman take the order and he assured us that I would have this truck by Aug 1, 2008- which I did not believe.

    I picked it up today and the same Ford rep was at the lot. I thanked him and ran into some news. Ford is working on an "up-kit" to convert older (2002 and newer I was told) FEH's to all electrical power vehicles.

    I asked what the kit cost and was told they are shooting for 3500 to 5000 with warranty on the installed units.

    Who knows what to make of it... but he told me I would get my vehicle and I doubted him once, but this was what was told to me today..

    We will see.

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    A correction is needed: -the

    A correction is needed:
    -the first year of the Ford Escape Hybrid was 2005. It went on sale in August 2004.

    The comment about conversion upgrade is most likely a hybrid battery swap that would retain the vehicle as a hybrid-not full electric. Johnson Controls-Saft have already approached Ford Motor Company about this type of swap. Johnson Controls was quoted at the January 2008 Detriot International Auo Show as stating this swap with the newest Johnson hybrid battery would net a 30% increase in mileage. I don't have the exact details but logic suggests the new batteries would be lithium-ion. This likely would also include a change in the hybrid batery state of charge from the current 40-60% to 15-85%?? The journalist reporting this-a FEH owner who won the Hybridfest 2008 mileage event--stated Johnson Controls was estimating somewhere around $3000 for this conversion. By the way, the executive for Johnson Controls working with the lithium-ion batteries is none other than Mary Ann Wrigth. She is the former Ford Executive who was brought in to launch the Escape Hybrid.

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    I have 2002 on the brain.

    I have 2002 on the brain. Just traded in a 2002 Ford Excursion on a FEH. 2005 is correct.

    There was mention of a new battery pack, but he said it was going to be a overhaul not an enhancement and that it would take 3-4 days to complete one vehicle.

    To me it does not make sense, but I am only giving the info I came across.

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    A hybrid battery swap could

    A hybrid battery swap could be a 3-4 hour--not days--procedure. This is what the dealerships were allowed in the fall of 2007 when the hybrid battery recall work was performed. The hybrid battery uses a plug/wire harness to connect to the electrical system that unsnaps in seconds. You can see this connection if one folds down the rear seats and removes the cargo carpeting. The hybrid battery is secured to the vehicle with bolts and nuts. An "overhead" crane is required to lift the hybrid battery pack (275lbs?) out of the cargo area.

    I would have to believe the Ford rep did not quite "get" the details correctly. If it took 3-4 days of labor to do this and the dealership charges $80 an hour--it comes out to $2000 and more just for 3 days of labor.

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    This is a good development

    This is a good development the installing of battery pack in the older FEH will be a nice and comfortable thing.But the costs should not be high.

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    I am all for EV's, however,

    I am all for EV's, however, there are serious down sides to them too, the main one is not driving distance is environmental. The number of batteries that those cars would be discarded could gianormous unless organic, biodegradable and compostable, 100% recyclable and/or reusable materials are used in future automobile batteries.
    Green automobiles should be build completely recyclable. we have the technology and the will as individuals to support an environmentally sound society, the US car industry should spearhead the industrial renaissance of the 21th century, green, reliable, and 100% recyclable. How about if we were paid a handsome sum recycling, our motor vehicles will retain a higher value as is the case of buying silver, platinum, copper, plastics, paper products, wood, aluminum, etc.
    Think of it as investing in your retirement portfolio a chunk of raw materials, as they continue to be used the value should continue to climb.
    Many of us still remember when Toyota, Ford, and GM were producing EV's in California,
    A modified GM EV1 prototype set a land speed record for production electric vehicles of 183 mph (295 km/h) in 1994. and 75 to 150 miles (120 to 240 km) per charge with Gen 2 Ovonic nickel-metal hydride batteries. Recharging took as much as eight hours for a full charge (although one could get an 80% charge in two to three hours).
    General Motors used many advanced technologies in developing the EV1. These included:

    * Aluminum frame
    * Dent resistant side panels
    * Anti-lock brakes
    * Traction control
    * Heat pump (Heater/AC)
    * Keyless entry and keyless ignition
    * Special one-way thermal glass to allow for better heat rejection
    * Regenerative braking
    * Very low drag coefficient - Cd~0.19, CdA~0.36 m (3.95 ft)
    * Super light magnesium alloy wheels
    * Self-sealing & low rolling resistance tires (developed by Michelin)
    * Automated tire pressure loss warning system
    * Magnesium framed seats
    * Time programmable HVAC (cabin heating or cooling) settings

    Most of these technologies were included to improve the overall efficiency of the EV1.

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    I am going to start a mobile

    I am going to start a mobile hybrid repair company ,mostly for autobody shops, does any body know of a battery lift that can be attatched to a van or truck?

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