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    changing car battery on a civic hybrid car

    after 6 years, my car battery is dead so we bought a new one. We install it but then when we plugged the -negative to the -negative post and have not even secured it, the car alarm went off and can't be stopped with the remote. Tried to place the key on the ignition but still the car alarm will not stop. Also the car would not start and no lights on the front display. Would anyone be able to help and let me know if the problem is not on the car battery but is on the IMA battery. Thank you very much for the help.

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    Sorry to hear about your

    Sorry to hear about your dilemma.

    Are you sure you did not connect the battery incorrectly at first? Because, if that happened then there is a strong possibility that some fuses were tripped and even some systems might have been affected.

    Regardless of what happened or not, I would recommend that you check the condition of the fuses in the engine bay (exercise caution) as well as the fuse bank under the driver's side dash.

    If any of the fuses are burnt, let us know which ones are they. Depending on which fuses failed you may or may not be able to just replace the fuse and it may end-up being a job for a qualified Honda technician. Sorry.


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    Hi MSantos. Thank you so

    Hi MSantos. Thank you so much for the reply, really appreciate your willingness to always help us here.

    My mechanic friend said to manually insert the key in the door lock, by back and forth lock/unlock mode. The car alarm was deactivated. If this did not work, to try doing same on the ignition. Either one would deactivate the alarm.

    Posted the solution to my problem for others.

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