We are thrilled to be taking ownership of a 2009 Escape Hybrid tomorrow. Located one that was just delivered to an Albuquerque NM dealership.

We wonder how we can find out if our car is eligible for the full $3000 (FWD) tax credit? How does one learn how many have been sold? Is it
a) sold to the dealers?
b) sold to actual customers?
c) total Escapes? Or total of Escapes or Escapes and Mariners combined?

Our salesman seems unsure how to find out if our car is eligible; although he thinks the magic number (60,000?) hasn't been reached yet.

Would we have to contact FORD with our VIN number?

Any light shed will be helpful. And we are VERY much looking forward to learning how to drive our car for optimum mileage and fun!

Thanks for your help,