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    03 HCH battery life and performance issues

    I have an 03 HCH that I purchased new. I've been extremely pleased with the car and have had fantastic performance (52 mpg/summer, 48 mpg/winter). I live in mountainous central Vermont and use my car for distance driving, as it is rural here w/o much stop and go driving. I have about 90,000 miles on the car. It's a manual transmission.

    In mid-May of this year, I was getting around 56 mpg on some extended trips, even though I still had snow tires on. I got new (summer) tires around Memorial Day and was shocked to find that instead of increasing, the mpg dropped off significantly (I have to work really hard to maintain 45 mpg). Battery assit during hill climbing dropped significantly, too, as did the batteries' ability to charge and hold the charge.

    The dealership said the battery performance is normal for the age and mileage of the car and that I should expect a drop off in performance of this nature.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any solutions to offer?

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    Hi Erinrs: Are the new tires

    Hi Erinrs:

    Are the new tires rated as LRR tires (Low Rolling Resistance) ?

    If they are not then the vehicle's ICE and IMA is definitely going to be working harder and that will hit your fuel economy VERY HARD. Sadly, this is not trivial and it IS very common as most shops either don't the difference or just don't care.

    Now, we may be able to do something about this but first and foremost a few questions:
    1- What brand and model tires do you now have?
    2- what is the maximum tire pressure rating marked on the sidewall of your new tires?
    3- What is the tire pressure you are currently sporting on each of the four tires?
    4- Is there any service items that the dealership performed including the oil change? I'm looking for a reference to the oil grade they may have used.



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