The NAH has the B [Brake} setting which shifts the eCEV into a lower "gearing" ratio as if you had down shifted. This allows you to use engine braking like you would in a standard. The manual doesn't say much about this other than that doing this generates energy faster for the battery. Apparently this generates energy faster or more efficiently than the regenerative braking. The dealer suggested using the B setting if you wanted to slow down while you're going down a big hill or, for a really big hill, to protect your brakes just like you would in any other car.

My question is... just for hills? When I owned a 5 speed I used engine braking all the time both for comfort and to save (minimal probably) wear and tear on the brakes. Coming into red lights, slowing down on an exit ramp, etc. Whatever benefit there is to doing this in a 5 speed, if any, there is certainly more in the hybrid because of the extra energy made available to the battery.

But is there a trade off? Transmission life expectancy? Anything? Is there any reason NOT to use the B setting as you would use lower gears to slow down on a regular old car with a manual transmission?