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    i have an 07 HCH that we

    i have an 07 HCH that we have had for 1 1/2 years... at first we got great gas milage.. like 44 average anywhere... we had to replace the tires after one year.. grrrrr now we are getting 32 max... the decline has been slow over a period of 6 months.. we got the same song and dance from the dealership.. either the oil or tires.. we ruled out the oil as a problem since they did the change.. they told us that each tire weigh 4 pounds more than the original tires.. and had a different tread... they also declared that the on board computer and their computers indicated that the car was running according to the specifications... it is beyond me as to why we have lost 12 miles a gallon slowly over a 6 month time.. it seems that the decrease should have occured at one time ...as in as soon as we changed the tires.. this is so frustrating... we could have gotten a regular civic that gets 32 miles a gallon... however this is the only complaint i have about my car.. i love it....

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    My Prius came with Goodyear

    My Prius came with Goodyear Integrity tires. They had lousy traction on wet roads and snowy roads and were noisy as well. When it came time to replace them I switched to Goodyear Assurance Comfortreds. They are quieter, with much better traction, but my average mileage immediately dropped from about 54 mpg to about 49 mpg, and stayed there. I keep all my fuel records on a spreadsheet with a mileage graph and the change was dramatic. I figure the extra fuel cost over the 80,000 mile life of the tires will be about $550, more than I paid for the tires. My next tires will be Michelin MV4X energys, or whatever LRR tire Michelin makes. I won't go back to the Integrities.

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    Nobody is thinking this LRR

    Nobody is thinking this LRR tire thing through very well. If not having LLR tires would cause a 10mpg hit on mileage, then everyone in the world would get a 10mpg boost by putting LRR tires on their car. I think that MSantos has his logic right that something else is going on. I've experienced the same problem with some new tires. I recently put Michelin X's on my '06 HCH and have experienced a 15-20% hit on mileage. While a big change of the type of tire might cause some mileage drop, it's not logical for that to happen from a high end tire.

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