My wife has a 05 Civic Hybrid that we bought new. It has had all of its scheduled maintenance performed at the same dealership. For the last three and a half years it has been getting constantly around 43 MPG. A few months ago it dropped to around 35 MPG so we contacted the dealership and they said to bring it in and they would check it out. They said there was a software upgrade that needed to be done. A month after the upgrade was done the MPG has now dropped to 30. We contacted the dealership again and they had us bring it back in.

We go to pick up the car last night and the service manager came out to talk to us. He says I plugged in the computer and there are no trouble codes so there is nothing wrong with your car. What kind of lame mechanic work is that?

He goes on to say that the software upgrade they performed was probably giving us a more accurate MPG reading than before. So the previous software made everyone think that these cars were getting excellent mileage and they all ran out and to buy one just to be told later that they really dont get any better MPG than a standard Civic?

Then he asked if we had recently replaced the tires and we said we had about 6 month ago. He said that was probably a big factor because the tires they put on the car are three time more expensive than the one we had put on because they are more energy efficient and this could cause our MPG to decrease.

In the end he pretty much said sorry for ya, nothing I can do. What should I do now? Should I call the Honda service number even though they are just going to call the service tech and have him tell them there is nothing wrong? Should I take it to another Honda dealership and get a second opinion?