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    Thrilled by my new HCH

    Well, I've got a bit more than 2k miles on my new 08 HC Hybrid. Gas mileage is about 42-45 depending on where and how I drive it.

    Pretty much love everything about the car...the ergos are great for my 6-2' 185 lb frame, the styling is way cool, and the gas mileage is wonderful.

    Next, I'm going to raise the tire pressure to 40 lbs per tire and see what happens.

    Honda, you rock!

    Steve in So Cal

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    42 PSI. And take your Mobil

    42 PSI. And take your Mobil one 0w20 to the dealer at your first oil change. 4 quarts and you should get a part of a quart back for your next one. Drive with the air off in town and the two right windows down 2 inches.

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    yep, I've noticed the

    yep, I've noticed the mileage take a nosedive when using the AC...Down from the mid forties to high thirties to low forties.

    I normally leave it off unless it is way hot...

    Steve in So Cal

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    upping the tire pressure

    upping the tire pressure really helps but two other things that you should do (if you aren't already) accelerate slowly and avoiding accelerating from a dead stop

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    well, I drive HCH since last

    well, I drive HCH since last December. I put under 30k on it already. I get in the summer month around 50-56 MPG. average lifetime around 50 MPG
    but !!!
    tires are at 40 pci.
    I drive mostly on the highway at 59 m/h. Everyone passes me.
    If I hist stop & go MPG drops significantly. In town I am getting less then 40 MPG.
    Owners of the Toyota saing they are getting same MPG and don't worry about slow down. I am not sure if it is true.

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    We always have the Current

    We always have the Current Fuel Mileage display (shows realtime moment-to-moment mileage) showing. Also, we reset the trip odometer at each fill-up, and have it display the accumulated mileage. These really show what's helping and hurting your fuel economy.

    One of the biggest factors is changing your driving personality. If you're an "opportunist", constantly tailgating, jumping in and out of lanes, trying to "beat" everyone, your mileage will suffer. It goes without saying, but this behavior is the root cause way too many accidents.

    Staying near the limit, avoiding unnecessary surges and slowdowns, letting your speed fall off a bit on short rises, looking well down the road for red lights etc, keeping a space, babying the brakes, all contribute to a better fuel economy.

    In a nutshell, become a patient and steady driver.

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