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    Issues with my 05 HCH

    Anyone experience this issues?

    I've had the car for over a year now, bought certified used from a Honda Dealer. I've put 25k on it and it's at 55k miles now. Not abused at all, serviced through Honda and I have the extended Honda Care Service Contract Coverage.

    No issues at all until now of course...

    Two months ago, the car randomly wouldn't start. No turnover, nothing. Had power but no start. After 20 mins of sitting, the car got goin just fine. The dealership assumed it was an AC Clutch power relay... just a hunch that they said is typically a problem. $60 fix, no worry. I never even mentioned my service contract as I'm sure that I could have gotten away scotch free.

    No issue for 2 more weeks, than again. No start. Crap. After a 20 minute or so wait, it get's goin fine. I didn't take it in this time and really didn't think anything of it. Ironically, both times this happened i let it sit and shook the car a bit (mildly of course) and it started up.

    So 3 more weeks or so pass and today it decides to do this not once, not twice, but 3 times!!! The last time was a real treat though. It wouldn't start, so I gave it some gas, got it to go and all but this was odd. Battery light was on, my display was flashing on and off, no instant mileage or odometer at all. Stereo light was flashing, and better yet, power steering kept locking up on me and I could only make it a few blocks before pulling over. Waiting 5 mins, shaking the car as before and it started up normal. Another oddity in this was that when i had the AC on, the dash lights stayed off. Nothing. All gauges were gone.

    I got it home (20 mile drive) and I'm thankful but I'm really frustrated. At first I thought it was a temperature issue, but now I'm certain a loose wire or computer malfunction is the culprit. I didn't have the check engine light come on so I don't think that it could be that. The car is a CVT car as well for those who may know more.

    Anyone hear of such issues?

    I'm contacting Honda Care and taking it to a different dealership to get it looked at on Monday. Any suggestions would be great!


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    It was the battery on my

    It was the battery on my 2003 and 2004. Go to autozone, SAMS, or Wal mart and have a battery installed.

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    interesting. my battery has

    interesting. my battery has tested good the times before when it was looked at, specifically with this same problem.

    i'll have them look at that as well!


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    Mine tested good also and

    Mine tested good also and they die in a really strange way to say the least. It will leave you by the side of the road if it is the battery. Both of mine died around 50K and 3 to 4 years. I replaced the 2004 last winter. If your battery has not been replaced since it was new you are in line for a tow job. LOL

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    I have a 2003 with about

    I have a 2003 with about 115000 miles on it. Had the same thing happen. It's been at the dealer for 5 days. They have tested the batteries which are fine. They have had no problem starting the car so are returning it to me tomorrow. I'm concerned that it will happen again. Any ideas?

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    After a week in the shop, it

    After a week in the shop, it finally malfunctioned again. It was the battery.

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