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Thread: Tires problem

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    Tires problem

    I have a problem with my tires in my FEH 4WD 2006.
    FORD EUROPE doesn't have parameters of FEH.
    Garage service set geometry of wheels as for Ford Escape 4WD non HYBRID.
    I feel it is wrong, rear tires are damaged inside.

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    actual sets Front Total Toe:

    actual sets
    Front Total Toe: 0 13'
    Rear Total Toe : -0 15'

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    From what I see in my '05

    From what I see in my '05 FEH manual there is no change for a FEH from the gas version 2WD or AWD. I had inside wear also as well as many others with an Escape. Tire shop said all Escapes have this wear. I solved my problem with higher tire pressure (50psi) and my tires started wearing normal and even longer. The original rear tires now have 65,000 miles and the only problem I'm having is noise. Changed the front tires with the Michelin Latitudes that now come standard on the Escape and they are great.

    I think Ford set the toe at this angle to prevent rollover problems in the Escape. I first notice inside wear at ~12,000 miles on my '05 FEH. I was running 40 - 44psi in my tires then but increased to 50psi to increase MPG and found the tires stop wearing also. I run 50psi in my '09 FEH also with great tire wear and MPG.

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