bought my altima last month. the car completely shut off while driving on a major highway. luckily i was able to make it to safety without incident. The dealer was completely non-responsive and unprofessional and it took 19 days to get my car back (1 day before the 20 day lemon law kicked in). I have now had the car back for 10 days. the fuel economy on my first full tank of gas is disappointing. The computer average was 36.5. Not too bad! however, when i did the math with the miles that i actually drove versus how much gas i used, the actual mpg average was 31.25. More than 5 mpg difference. I am so bummed.... This is not the first nissan that has died on me while driving, but i keep buying them because when they work they drive so smooth. Anyone else have a similar experience with the MPG?