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    And, like you said, I always

    And, like you said, I always get billed for 4L of oil.

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    Regarding the service

    Regarding the service manager's statements regarding filter change at service A, you might want to pass that on to corporate Honda. I'm pretty sure he's lying.

    FWIW, not changing the filter at alternate oil changes has been a "mistake" for decades.

    What I do when filter change is not spec'd. (doing my own changes), is remove, empty and re-install the filter, sort-of best of both worlds: save another filter to be dealt with, but get that residual oil out. There is about 1 cup of oil in there.

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    Depends on how much the

    Depends on how much the dealership is charging for the filter. Renton Honda only charges about $8 for the filter so I say go ahead and change it. It's a flat $52 at that service center regardless of filter or not.
    Let's not forget that dealerships are their own private companies and are not owned and operated by Honda Corperation. How they choose to service their customers and how much they want to charge are set by each dealership. I'm lucky to have three Honda service centers about equa-distance from me so i check prices. But when one dealership charges $70+ and the next one charges 1/3 less, that's worth shopping around.

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    I don't buy that you cannot

    I don't buy that you cannot expect no-quible adherence to Honda maintenance schedule, when you ask for it at a Honda franchise. If they refuse, I vote with my feet, plus emails to Honda. The dealership's prime motivation is undoubtedly money.

    Just from an environmental point of view, since Honda says every other oil chnage is the frequency for oil filter replacement, I stick with that. A used oil filter is a mess of metal, paper, oil, rubber. Very difficult to recycle. Sticking to the schedule cuts the qty of used filters in half.

    Not to mention you save the ~8 bucks.

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    last time I bought mobile 1

    last time I bought mobile 1 synthetic oil and filter at pep boys and got them to work on it. They charged me $20 for the work but I don't remember how much I paid for the oil and filter. I can tell you that mobile 1 felt much better. My car picks up much quieter.

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