Finally. Have it. Silver with Connection package and the sunroof. Flew out to Boston, paid the VPP price and drove home to Chicago. (stopped overnight in Toledo...natch)

Before I bought it I confirmed that the local dealership had been trained on how to service it (3 techs have completed all the off-site courses) and so I'm good to go. In fact, (since it's in my best interest that they stay current on it) I've suggested that I leave it with them for the day next week to let them tinker with it for a few hours. The service manager thought it was a great idea.

I will eventually get an aftermarket in-dash Nav (Kenwood with the Garmin GPS), but for now I'm a happy camper. I've been looking for a few months and I haven't seen another one around Chicago, so it's sort of neat to tool around in it.