BACKGROUND: I took delivery of a 2006 HCH2 in October 2006 in San Antonio, TX. Odometer reads as of this date 6,300. Fuel economy is very good with lifetime average of 49MPG. In other posts in this forum there is information posted about bad tire wear affecting Civics.

1.I was able to obtain a copy of the Service Bulletin. In essence it states for dealer to inspect tires for unusual wear patterns, to include photos of type tire wear eligible for Service Bulletin. Bulletin states if tire wear not shown, then bulletin does not apply. If tire wear has happened, bulletin goes on to state install new upper rear control arms and new flanges; then perform four wheel alignment IAW specifications in bulletin.

2. Contacted dealer and explained it made no sense to me to wait for tires to be ruined before Service Bulletin comes into play. The dealer's District Parts and Service Manager (DPSM) finally said to my dealer the following-- do four wheel alignment first and if alignment IAW service bulletin specifications, consider service bulletin satisfied. Of course, alignment could not be done by specifcations. Dealer then ordered parts, installed them, and did four wheel alignment. Cumbersome and time consuming approach, but success achieved at no cost to me, and tires not ruined.


1. This bulletin applies to all 2006 and 2007 Honda Civics, not just Hybrids. Certain low density production Civic models are not covered by this Bulletin.

2. I have electronic version of Bulletin in PDF. If you want copy, please send an e-mail to me at I will send to you along with some other information.