My NAH has been acting wierd for the last three weeks. I guess I'm trying to see if anyone here has experienced the same issue because my dealer is clueless and of course it won't do it on the days I've taken it to them.

- When coasting down a hill, 3/4 battery charge, car warmed up, going well less than 42 MPH, the car will switch every 2 seconds between EV mode and the gas engine. Also, the car's brake won't work as well and the car lurches pretty badly. Street is smooth and the temps here are now 75-95 during the day. It's only done this about 3 times in the past three weeks. (dealer states this is normal, but I've had the car for over a year and this isn't normal)

- Recently the battery charge indicator on the left of the dash won't go very far into the blue charge area. In fact, exiting a hwy and getting on the brakes that used to bury the needle fully into the charge area, now barely moves the needle. It does this about every three days.

- The VDC light comes on and stays on for a few miles every once in a while. When the VDC light is on, I am experiencing the second problem above, but the VDC light isn't always on when this problem is happening.

- Gas mileage has decreased from mid 30's to upper 20's unless I have mostly hwy driving. No change in driving habits. We've had the car for over a year and driven in similar weather and it's never been even close to this low.

Thanks for looking and giving any imput you have.

Also, does anyone have any contact for Nissan corporate to see if maybe they have an answer. All my dealer knows how to do is hook it up to the computer and since there aren't any error codes, they say everything is normal.