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    Prius 09 Waiting list Questions

    I just signed up for the waiting list yesterday June 30th 2008, in Pittsburgh and the dealer said that it will be 6 months and "at this point you will be getting the 09 Prius". He told me the 09 would be about $400-$600 more than the 08. He went on to say you should have it before Christmas. I had to put $1,000 non refundable down.


    Has anyone had a similar experience of being told they will get the 09?

    Does anyone have details on the 09, like a release date?

    We agreed on MSRP on the 09 and he said they don't add a surcharge like some states do. Is he just blowing smoke up my a$$ or do some states charge over MSRP?

    Anyone that has bought a Prius on a waiting list that has any suggestions or comments please let me know.

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    It's very unlikely that you

    It's very unlikely that you will get your 09 Prius by Christmas, since from what I understand Toyota will only be presenting the 09 model for the first time in January at the Tokyo Auto Show. As far as MSRP - it's harder to negotiate for Prius since it is such a popular car, but normally if you know how to talk to the salesperson, you can even get away with buying a new car for the invoice price (the amount that the dealer supposedly pays to the manufacturer), and the reason why you can do that is because after each new car sale the dealer gets an additional fat rebate from the manufacturer - so they still make money. Of course, they'd rather not advertise that, but that's the way it normally works.

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    I signed up for the waiting

    I signed up for the waiting list on a Toyota Prius in early May 2008, was told it would take 3 months, but it actually took 4 months and I got a Prius 2009 in late September 2008. I had to pay a few hundred dollars more. There was no negotiating on the price, I got my second choice color, I paid MSRP because they weren't highly motivated to sell the car, I paid a non-refundable $500 deposit, there were no test drives as they had no unsold cars on the lot, and basically they just took orders for the car and were highly aggravated that they couldn't get more inventory. I really like the car, though I can't see any major difference between the 2008 and the 2009 models. (I'm near Boston, MA).

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    If you want to test drive a

    If you want to test drive a Prius, Enterprise Rentals has a large selection of Priii. But you may have to get on a waiting list to rent the Prius, as it is a popular rental car.

    The basic problem with Prius production is the battery pack. The battery manufacturer is only tooled up to produce 15,000 batteries a month. So that puts a top limit on Prius production by Toyota.

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