I just signed up for the waiting list yesterday June 30th 2008, in Pittsburgh and the dealer said that it will be 6 months and "at this point you will be getting the 09 Prius". He told me the 09 would be about $400-$600 more than the 08. He went on to say you should have it before Christmas. I had to put $1,000 non refundable down.


Has anyone had a similar experience of being told they will get the 09?

Does anyone have details on the 09, like a release date?

We agreed on MSRP on the 09 and he said they don't add a surcharge like some states do. Is he just blowing smoke up my a$$ or do some states charge over MSRP?

Anyone that has bought a Prius on a waiting list that has any suggestions or comments please let me know.