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    Battery Pack drains after parked for 1 hour

    I've owned my 2003 HCH, CVT, since the winter of 2005 and have been happy with it ever since. 130k miles on it now and I perform regular oil changes every 3000 miles. I average about 50 miles a day and get a consistent 48-51 mpg in summer and not using the AC. Car has a CVT.
    Recently I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my wife. Engine was not running but I left the radio on to kill boredom. Also, I had been running the head lights because of the rain and when i turned the engine off forgot I had the headlights on. Minutes later the radio faded away and it dawned on me that I just drained the battery. I turned the headlights off and had a friend come out to give me a jump. It started up right away, I even turned it off after 1 minute and it still started up fine without the jump. Later that day I drove wife home and the car sat off and fully charged for 10 minutes before leaving again. When I tried starting it all the dash lights flicker and get a buzzing sound from under the dash. It wouldn't start, I had to jump it again. I park it fully charged every time and maybe an hour later it won't start and the battery pack is drained again. I did do a drain test, unhooking the NEG wire from the 12v battery and running a test light from the post to a ground point. The light does come on even with all accessories off.
    Last night I drove it home and unhooked the 12v battery so it wouldn't drain overnight. This morning, hooked it up and still wouldn't start.

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    It would appear that your

    It would appear that your battery needs to have a forced charge session (FCS). This consists of subjecting the battery to a 10A charge rate for a good couple of hours and hopefully this will recondition it with whatever potential life it still has left in it. Every time a battery discharges completely a bit of its chemical capacity is sadly gone forever.
    If this FCS does not work because the charge capacity has been compromised too much then you may need to purchase a suitable replacement battery.

    A good and healthy 12V battery is critical to the proper and safe operation of the IMA system. The lack of a proper voltage level will cause system crashes similar to the ones you had and that is something you definitely want to avoid at all costs. Just to be on the safe side, I personally suggest you purchase a high quality replacement.

    Cheers & Good luck.


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    I had the same problem for a

    I had the same problem for a while in my 04 HCH with 56k on it, but I did't get it checked by Honda until I was driving it and lost all power to the car. It wouldn't start until I got a jump and then it was find again. Honda said it was a bad cell in the battery and updated the ecm, mine does not auto stop anymore either. One more thing is that I purchase the extended warranty til 70k when I purchase my 04 HCH brand new and it doesn't cover the car battery after 36k, Honda charged by $120 for a new 5yr prorated battery. You can probably get a better battery from Walmart for cheaper and get free installation.

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    yeah you really need to

    yeah you really need to replace you're battery because for sure theres no defect on the parts yet it is very early for that.

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    I did end up getting the

    I did end up getting the battery checked and replaced. That did solve the problem. Thank you everyone.

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