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    New Civic Hybrid Mountain Driving

    We are renting a Prius for two weeks to see how a hybrid does in the mountains. (No one rents Honda’s) We go from 8,200 down to 4,200 feet and back to work a total of 150.5 miles. We currently are getting 51mpg with only 700 miles on the Prius!!!! in our 2004 Honda Element we only get 26mpg, is the best. The both of us really like this car. Here is my question, has anyone driven or currently drive a New Civic Hybrid in the mountains? We would love to stay with Honda but to be honest we are on the fence to go either way. How does the Honda handle, mpg & comfort for mountain driving? Any input would greatly be appreciated.


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    My HCH1 doesn't like going

    My HCH1 doesn't like going uphill very much. I don't drive in mountains, but the hills I go up make my car work pretty hard. I've never driven the prius so I can't compare. But that's my 2 cents worth.
    I'm guessing that you'd be getting a new or at least HCH2, so it might be completely different (hopefully b/c imho HCH1 isn't anything to write home about).

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    Thanks MY_MPG_55 for the

    Thanks MY_MPG_55 for the reply. Last night we took another round trip 150.5 miles and got 54 mpg . From what I understand that is pretty good up here in the mountains. I just wish I could test drive a 2008 Civic up here to see if that would do about the same. Our closest dealer is 3 hours away in Billings, MT. With the Prius driving down there is a 13.4 mile down hill run that the engine won't even come on, that is lots of fun drifting all that way with 0 pollution 0 Gas burned !!!

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    Personally I think if I was

    Personally I think if I was going to be buying new, and were not forced to buy a car right now, being this far into 2008 I would wait to see what Honda is releasing for 2009. Too many good things coming just around the corner.

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    Does anybody know when Honda

    Does anybody know when Honda will release information about the 2009 models?

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    Drove our 08 civic from

    Drove our 08 civic from Denver up to about 9000 feet. To be honest I was a little disappointed on the way up but it was to be expected I guess with such a small engine. (I didnt do any calculations on the way up, but obviously on the way back to Denver the MPG meter was stuck at 100+) I've never driven a Prius in the mountains so I cant compare. I wouldn't imagine they would be a whole lot different though.

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    Hi all, We picked up our new

    Hi all,

    We picked up our new Honda a few days ago and took it on a 200 mile freeway/suburban/mountain Sunday ride and averaged about 41.5 mpg. I enjoyed the handling of the car MUCH better than that of the Prius. Of course, YMMV.

    We found the suspension taut, which made the car fun in the curves. Sure, not tons of power, but certainly enough. And going down hill, we discoverd the Honda can really roll! Seems like the car generates zero friction...

    Very nice!

    Steve in So Cal

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    I live at 6,600 feet and

    I live at 6,600 feet and work at 5,000 feet. On my 34 mile commute, I have been averaging between 48 and 49 life of the car (2008 HCH). You do have to watch the IMA and the battery charge because you can quickly drain it going uphill and when I say quick I am talking about a minute or two. IN general, it loves to go downhill and hates going up and you do not make up for the downhill with the uphill on a round trip commute. If you follow MSantos advice on how to drive the thing though, you can do very well on mileage.

    I have a new Prius and a new HCH (both '08) and I promise you either one will be a great decision for you. The HCH get the longer trips and hence gets the better mileage. Best of luck, I think your decision now is going to be made on the supply side (both models are pretty hard to come by).

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    We are turning the rental

    We are turning the rental Prius in Monday and the dealers Honda & Toyota can't even give me a idea how long it will take to get one in. We test drove the Fit Sport when we went to the Honda dealer. That is a fun little car, wish it had better mpg.

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    ofcourse Honda can really

    ofcourse Honda can really roll! Seems like the car generates zero friction... and at average 41.5 mpg driving a hill its a good mpg for me. i read some articles at Autopartswarehouse.com that civic can reach up to 55 mpg.

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