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    Virginia area service and/or purchase

    Has anyone purchased a Nissan Hybrid in Northern Virginia. I was told by a NJ dealer that I might have problems getting the CA emissions vehicle registered in VA (supposedly because VA does not have CA emissions grade gas). Has anyone registered a NEW Altima Hybrid in VA? Has anyone found a dealer who can service this car in the Northern VA, Washington DC area? Has anyone found a dealer who will order this car in the Northern VA, Washington DC area?

    Thanks for any and all input.

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    That sounds stupid. I live

    That sounds stupid. I live in texas and have had no problem getting my registration. The person behind the desk at the registration office doesn't care what kind of gas your car takes. I would be surprised to find a pulse on some of the clerks I encountered in the past. Anyways, good luck.

    On a side note, most dealers are stupid when it comes to the cars they are selling. Now before I get a bunch of flames, let me clarify. The dealers might be able to explain to me the difference between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics but as for cars, especially the hybrids, they normally don't know jack.

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    I live in Northern VA and

    I live in Northern VA and purchased an NAH in June 2008. It was a tough process as there was a lot of misinformation and lack of information out there. I bought a new NAH from a dealer in Delaware, and got it registered in Virginia. I also got the Clean Special Fuel plates from DMV as well. As for service, try a few dealers, I had gotten mixed results on whether they will service a hybrid or not. I go to Rosenthal Nissan Mazda in Tysons Corner and they have done a fine job so far. As for ordering this car from a local dealer, forget it. Only the dealers licensed in one of the 8 states can order from Nissan. But any other dealer can obtain (not title it, but obtain) a new NAH via dealer trade. That is how I got mine from Delaware which is not one of the 8 states. Use the nissanusa.com website to search inventory at the various dealers (use the "Find a Dealer" link and keep modifying your zip code). I found that the nissanusa.com inventory is much more accurate than the individual dealer websites. Good luck!

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