So I sold my 1999 Yellow VW beetle about 4 months ago and have been watching to get a new car. I am a college student so I don\\\'t desperately need a new car right now, but I will need one this summer, so I have just been watching and getting ready to buy when i find the perfect match for me. Well I think I found it, however, I have now found two cars I really love and can afford.

So just a little background: I loved my beetle, however I could not keep up with the repairs and having it in and out of the shop constantly, which is why I sold it. I still want a small car and I was looking at the Scion IQ and the Fiat 500 Pop, however my parents are concerned they are a little too small and a little too expensive, so nowI have narrowed it down to these two options:

1) Used 2009 Nissan Cube. Blue. SL. 44,000 miles on it. Brand new tires and brakes. No accidents. Clean inside and out. No scratches. Great condition. Listed for $13,700. I have always loved the cube, but am concerned it is a little too big....

2) Chevy Spark. 2013. Brand New. Techno Pink (its a very light silver pink). 0 miles. New condition. $13,920. Pros of this is the warranty and I like that it is smaller, but then again if I am going to drive a four door, I feel like it should seat 5 not 4. I also don\\\'t want to look like a clown driving a light pink car, but I do want to be unique.

Help please, thanks! I really do love them both!

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