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    HCH Battery Problems!! :(

    My Problem:

    I just got my car (2003 HCH) back from the dealership- for rebuilding my transmission (at only 80k!). When I picked it up the battery was half charged and I drove it a few days hoping it would charge, having a little faith. I am now convinced that they broke my car somehow.

    *The assist works twice as hard as it used to (almost full bars, instead of just 4 or 5) so it drains the battery every time I accelerate. Then the battery doesn't charge while I'm driving. When the battery gets a little below half drained it realizes that it's low and charges a little bit, but only to half way. I can drive like a SUPER GRANNY and use hills, but I can only get my battery to about 3/4 full, and then if I drive normal at all again it goes back to half. When I brought my car to the dealership the battery was full. Every single time I've ever turned off my car it was full. Every single time I've turned ON my car it's been full too.

    Please tell me that someone else has had this problem or knows why it's doing this. Did the techs just hook something up wrong? or am I dealing with needing a new battery-- God forbid since I JUST rolled over 80,000. That seems really convenient for Honda, right when it stops being covered by warranty! GREAT!

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    MY_MPG_55: Please keep a


    Please keep a cool head and seek another dealership. It appears that the service department you are dealing with are not very proficient (yet) and it may be in your interest to seek better quality of work at another location. You are not alone on this.

    In the meantime contact Honda America and inform them of your experiences. Be factual and cordial with them and they'll come through for you... even if your vehicle is outside the warranty period.

    Again, a Honda dealership has very little to do with Corporate Honda so let us not roll them both into one.

    Cheers and Good luck;


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