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    Warranty Question

    I am considering a purchase of a new Prius. Been told I have to wait about 3-4 months (on Long Island).

    Can anyone share their warranty experience? Is the 8yr 100K waranty (in NY) on the battery and electronics pro rated so if you do need replacement their is some out of pocket?


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    Dunno about the warranty,

    Dunno about the warranty, but since you have to wait anyway to get your Prius, might as well get in line for the restyled '09 model, which should be available sometime early next year. Toyota renews body style of their cars every 5 years, and 2009 is surely expected to bring forth the new generation Prius. The new 3G model is unlikely to become available until the actual calendar year of 2009 though, so your wait will be more like 7 months or so. Should be worth it though!

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