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    Big Decision is a tough one!

    Jennifer and I have been researching, reading, and thinking about a hybrid to replace a 2004 Nissan XTerra, and we really like the Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid. But, which one to buy? Around here, meaning the suburbs of LA, finding a Prius is like finding Bigfoot. You know the Prius may be out there, but sightings at dealerships are extremely rare! Plus, every dealership we've called or visited wants an additional $3-5K markup over MSRP! That is a LOT of gasoline....

    We love the technology and slightly "unusual" styling of the Prius, but we are both dyed-in-the-wool Honda owners as well.

    So, what to do? Lurking on this forum and reading countless reviews lead us to believe the HCH would be a great choice for us as would the Prius. Both cars are well made, reliable, and get great gas mileage. And there seem to be many "pros and cons" to both cars. In fact, a new buyer could suffer brainlock from reading reports from all the automotive critics out there...

    So, why did you buy your Civic Hybrid instread of your Prius?

    Have a great day,

    Steve in So Cal
    BMW R1200RT (48 MPG)

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    I bought my HCH because of

    I bought my HCH because of past experience with Honda has always been excellent over 4, now 5 cars, combined total 1,000,000 miles, and 28 years. Not knocking Toyota just don't have any experience with them.

    The HCH was also more fitting to my needs. I drive mostly rural state highways on my commute and very little city driving. The HCH is known to better on open roads vs Toyota being better in the city. Also I always buy used and when I was looking 3 months ago the HCH was selling used for 2-3k less than the Prius. Not sure how that is now but I do know that the average asking price for a 2005 HCH has gone up from $15k in March to 16.5k in June. I paid 14k for mine and it was Honda certified, giving it a 12k bumper to bumper warranty. Plus I got them to throw in the extended warranty with the deal covering it to 100k miles.

    Also being a not petite person, 6'2 270ibs, I just felt more comfortable in a HCH. Also when looking for a used vehicle, especially a hybrid, sometimes you have to take the deal that jumps out at you and react quickly. I missed several good deals by minutes because of delays.

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    MSRP now is about $24K.

    MSRP now is about $24K. Acting now is better than waiting, IMHO.

    Steve in So Cal

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    I, too, did a lot of

    I, too, did a lot of research. At the time I bought our HCH (April of this year) the price of the HCH was lower than that of a Prius by a couple of thousand dollars and I was trading in a 2007 Honda CRV. Toyota's trade offer was ridiculous but Honda offered a great trade in. The main kicker for me was the 5 star safety rating for the HCH versus Toyota's 4 stars. I drove both but after purchasing the HCH I never looked back. I drove to the coast today with air running cold and 65+ all the way and got 51.6 mpg on a 358 mile trip. No special driving habits on this particular trip. We love it.

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    David, I really appreciate


    I really appreciate your "real owner" comments. I read reviews and internet articles till we were blue in the face. Didn't like one review? Read another....Kind of like Will Rogers comment about the weather. "If you don't like it, wait five minutes..."

    So, after reading, driving, and visiting with other hybrid owners we pulled the trigger for an 08 Honda Civic, in the magnetic pearl...right now she's on the boat heading for LA. We hope to take possession in 2-4 weeks. And, the HCH is still a couple of thousand cheaper than the Prius...

    We are pretty excited. For us, buying a car is a momentous decision because we don't trade up every few years.

    My Isuzu Trooper=189,000 miles-now sold
    Our '00 Honda Odyssey=140,000 right now and going strong. Jennifer loves thsi mini van!
    '89 Honda Accord=75,000 and going strong
    04 Nissan Xterra=24K and on the sellers block even as we speak...

    Steve in So Cal

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    Congrats on the decision, I

    Congrats on the decision, I don't think you will regret it. Plus big WOW on the 89 Honda Accord with only 75,000 miles on her. that is amazing.

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    Yep, just turned 75K on the

    Yep, just turned 75K on the last of the carbureted Accords. She is garaged daily, oil changed every 3K and washed and waxed regularly. Pretty good little car as long as she continues to pass Smog Checks. 25-31 mpg on regular isn't too bad either...

    Still, in an effort to reduce and simplify, we'll sell the her and the Nissan Xterra, while keeping the 2000 Honda Odyssey. I never thought I could enjoy driving a mini van, but the Odyssey is alright!

    Now that we've made the decision to buy the HCH, we are eager for it to get off the boat. Sierra Honda in Monrovia has been very good to work with, but now I want my car!

    Steve in So Cal

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    We have just this last week

    We have just this last week signed up for a civic hybrid with navigation that is on its way over. Should be here the first week of July. We were also torn between this and the Prius, but we both liked how the civic felt when driving.

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    Hi, I found the Prius


    I found the Prius steering to be very vague and "soft." Kind of felt like I was floating along in my grandfathers giant Chryser of years past. Of course YMMV!

    Steve in So Cal

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