I've been lurking here for a few months. I have a bunch of tecnical questions I haven't been able to find the answers to. The first one is about the cabin air conditioning.

At the auto show, I looked through the FEH/MMH the best I could. I would have liked to have taken the engine cover off to see more, but not really possible at a show. I saw the A/C hard lines at the firewall going to/from the evaporator, but I couldn't see down far enough to see the A/C compressor, much less to see whether the A/C compressor was belt driven off of the engine, or whether it was all electrical. I'm assuming it's belt driven off the engine with a clutch like auto A/C has always been.

If this is true, and we had the A/C on here in hot Texas, will the engine run continuously as long as the A/C is "ON"? Or does the engine start up and shut down as needed just to cycle the compressor on and off if you were stopped, or going slow enough so that otherwise it would be in electrical motor mode?

About sometime in March we first start using auto A/C here, and depending on the time of day one is out, the auto A/C season can last into November. Good A/C is real important!