I drove my new NAH home from the dealership on Tuesday, so I'm still getting used to things. One thing that is just beyond me, however, is the Energy Flow Display. I'm talking about the display on the Nav screen, not the gauge on the left of the driver's console. I just don't understand what this thing is telling me, and am hoping that someone can explain it clearly. The Nissan manual doesn't have much to say.

It is clear that the gas engine, electric motor, and battery are all represented on the display. At one point I thought it was as simple as "blue lines are charging power, white lines are storing power" but it isn't that simple. The lines seem to have direction to them - the graphic has a little mark on it that "flows" in a particular direction - presumably to indicate the direction that power is flowing, but it doesn't seem to change as I manipulate the throttle to influence it. Certain lines light up and turn off, but they always seem to be flowing the same direction. Of course, I am also trying to drive the car, so I can't pay 100% attention to the display!

Does anyone have a good explanation of how this display works?