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    Thanks for your comments

    Thanks for your comments Mendel!

    I will take your advice for the time being and see how much the dealer wants to change the oil.

    Does anyone have any feedback regarding using the Bog Boy Topsider for the A type service?



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    Hi markmburrows: You mean:

    Hi markmburrows:
    You mean: using an aid in the removal of the oil?

    I guess you could try, but I don't know about the benefits. The 0W20 is very thin and it should evacuate well on removal without the needs for traditional aids often used for poorer engine designs.



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    Hi MSantos, I was referring

    Hi MSantos,
    I was referring to a suction device that removes the oil through the dipstick tube, if desired.

    It works really slick for maybe every other oil change.

    The reason it came to mind was the troubleshome cover you have to remove.

    I understand some "heavy metallic pieces and debris might not be sucked up by this device and would remain until the next oil change, but I don't think these engines have that much of this debris anyway.

    What do you think?

    Best Regards,


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    Yes, the underbody aero

    Yes, the underbody aero cover can be a slight problem especially if you do not stock up on retaining clips or have the proper clip removal tool.

    During the first couple of oil changes it is common to find much higher levels of Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Molybdnenum, Silicon, Magnesium and Boron. Obviously getting these out completely is a big thing. But after that... well, it depends on how well the "big boy topsider" can completely suck out the oil from the lowest part of the oil pan.

    You can certainly give it a try and if you want to go one step further just get your oil tested once in a while and keep the lab report for future reference in case you ever need it.



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    Thanks MSantos!for feedback

    Thanks MSantos!for feedback and information, I will wait for a couple oil changes and then maybe give it a try. I am at 20% oil life and over 7000 miles so I suppose it would be a good idea to start planning the first oil change. Then I will find out how much it will cost to change oil at my dealer.

    Thanks again,


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    I found the plastic

    I found the plastic underbody cover really complicates my usual modus operandi. I've done one transmission fluid change myself, and other than that have left it up to the dealership.

    My usual method is to jack up the front with a typical 2 ton jack, and put safety stands in at the 2 rocker panel front jacking points. That gets you enough clearance to crawl under, with a regular car. But not with the plastic underpanel.

    The simplest way to get the plastic cover out of the way is to just remove the fasteners on the front portion, and then swing it down at a hinge point that's just a little back of the engine. But it's too long to swing out of the way properly. You need to boost it up maybe 6" more than typical shadetree mechanic height.

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    Mark I use a Pella top


    I use a Pella top sucker to change my oil. When I did my last oil
    change I got out 3.5 and that is what I put in. I do a suck out at 50% reminder, and go to the dealer at 0%. I know that I am changing the oil more, but going 10k right now is to much for me. My
    other car 285,000 miles and used no oil between 3k oil changes. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks.


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