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    Considering Lemon Law!

    I have the 2008 FEH, and the AC has been really giving me problems! I have had the vehicle in twice to the dealer and they're now saying that the ford hotline has been getting a lot of these reports. The digital/dual climate feature was new in the 2008 model, and with the escape hybrid's two compressors (one for the HV battery and cabin and the other for the cabin alone), it has been nothing but a pain for me! Any time I try to get the temperature between 74 to 76 degrees, it blows cold on the left and hot on the right. They've reset the sensors, checked the refrigerant levels, and even replaced the main a/c controller.

    The dealer tells me there's nothing else they can do. I'm going to call the customer service line and give them another shot, but this is getting rediculous! You pay 30K for the thing and you expect it to work properly. Other than this issue, the FEH is great.

    All of you eagerly anticpating your new '09 FEH's... keep an eye out for this issue! If anyone else has an '08 and experienced this problem, please repond. If anything, Ford should be acknowleding the problem if it is in fact design/manufacturing flaw.

    For more... read my "perfect storm" blog.

    Hope to hear from some folks on this. Thanks!

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    Hi Evlar While there is a

    Hi Evlar

    While there is a cabin system and a aux A/C battery system, there is only one compressor that is shared. If there is no leak in the system and it is fully charged, there maybe a defect in the cabin duct system or sensors. My advise was and is still is to take you '08 FEH to another dealer who is not owned by the dealer your taking it to.

    My '02 Explorer with the dual controls is freezing us out of the vehicle now that they added the 1/2 pound of R-14a, and it's much hotter here now. My wife and I don't have much of a change of preferred temperature though.

    Also, trying to set one zone at 74 to 76 degrees maybe your problem if the other is set for 70 degrees. A change like that will cause a fight like between the right hand and the left. If this is the case, it may be that your trying to make an adjustment that's not possible. The cabin sensor vent is more on the drivers side near the steering on the dash. The blend door will send warmer heater core air to the passenger, but measure the air from the demand for the driver. Because the air is mixed cooler for the driver where the sensor is, the passenger may get all the hot air with that kind of setting. If both temperatures are set to the same settings, the right side should be a little warmer. If that temperature is to cold for the right side and not cold enough for the driver, this may be your problem.

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    Thanks for your comments

    Thanks for your comments Gary. If it wasn't for you, It would just be me and the crickets. I defintely am considering your advice and have take this issue to Ford Regional. They are investigating and are going to call me on Monday. I love my FEH, but I will cite teh Lemon Law if I have to get them serious about helping me resolve this issue. I pray that you and the others waiting on your '09's don't run into the same issue. Hopefully this is only a fluke and not a design issue. I'd imagine more people would be responding if it were.

    Thanks again and I'll let you know how it is resolved. Enjoy that new FEH when it comes in!


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    Evlar, What happened with


    What happened with this? I may be having the same problem with my 08 FEH only with heat. After the car warms up there is plenty of heat on the passenger side but hardly any or cold air coming from the drivers side. Been to the dealer multiple times with no luck. Twice in one day. They've replaced a couple parts but now are telling me they can't do anything else unless they know exactly what is causing it or Ford won't pay for it. They did offer to sell me an extended warranty at a possible discounted rate. Only have about 8,000 miles before the warranty runs out. I did have the thought of trying to go to a different dealer but didn't know if that was a good idea or not

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    Hi, I acutally purchased at

    Hi, I acutally purchased at FEH on June 2009 and this issue has showed up with my car. One side blows out hot air and the other side blows out cold air. Also, Question to add to this, Did you guys have a problem with your cross member bar? Mine cracked recently from just driving normally. How does this usually happens when I haven't even had an accident? Please help me out.

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    My dealer is trying to tell

    My dealer is trying to tell me Ford has never had this problem before. So glad (sorry) to know I'm not the only one. After 5 visits it may be fixed.
    After telling some friends about Evlar having a similar problem with AC they told me to check the defrost. That wasn't working right either. I park in a garage so didn't have to use it very often. Hope your fix is easier than mine

    I'm not sure what a cross member bar is so can't help you on that one. Good luck

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    My 2008 Mercury Mariner has

    My 2008 Mercury Mariner has the same problem. In the shop today for parts and labor of $500.00 Wrote Ford we'll see how they respond.

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