I have the 2008 FEH, and the AC has been really giving me problems! I have had the vehicle in twice to the dealer and they're now saying that the ford hotline has been getting a lot of these reports. The digital/dual climate feature was new in the 2008 model, and with the escape hybrid's two compressors (one for the HV battery and cabin and the other for the cabin alone), it has been nothing but a pain for me! Any time I try to get the temperature between 74 to 76 degrees, it blows cold on the left and hot on the right. They've reset the sensors, checked the refrigerant levels, and even replaced the main a/c controller.

The dealer tells me there's nothing else they can do. I'm going to call the customer service line and give them another shot, but this is getting rediculous! You pay 30K for the thing and you expect it to work properly. Other than this issue, the FEH is great.

All of you eagerly anticpating your new '09 FEH's... keep an eye out for this issue! If anyone else has an '08 and experienced this problem, please repond. If anything, Ford should be acknowleding the problem if it is in fact design/manufacturing flaw.

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Hope to hear from some folks on this. Thanks!