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    Honda Civic Hybrid

    Does anyone know how the Honda Hybrid finds its way into the dealer showroom? Last week I placed a deposit on a 2008 HCH, but was told it would take 2-3-4 months - or more to get it. This Mid-Michigan dealer did everything in his power to discourage my purchase of the vehicle.

    Prior to my decision on the HCH, I'd checked into the Prius and was met with pretty much the same story. One dealer reported that he had a waiting list of 45 people.

    Are smaller dealers, or those in different parts of the country being left out of the loop or what? I had to give a couple of color choices since they aren't sure what will arrive.

    This is such a weird way to do business.

    I'd appreciate any insight on the purchase process.


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    You should have seen how we

    You should have seen how we were discouraged from getting EV1s. I think the problem is that you're trying to get your car from a Michigan dealer. I'd recommend you look for another dealer since there are a lot of people who clearly hate the very idea of hybrids. Many of them are in the automobile industry.

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    Keep checking the Honda

    Keep checking the Honda dealers in your area. We lucked out this past week when my preferred dealer got a used one in with just 1800 miles on it, so we were able to test drive it and found it delightful. Unfortunately, we weren't in a position to buy now. Their alotment for 2008's have all sold. We would be one of the first to get on the list for a 2009.

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