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    OBD-II P1448 AND P1600

    Hi all,

    I've owned my 2003 HCH, CVT, since the winter of 2005 and have been happy with it ever since. 130k miles on it now and I perform regular oil changes every 3000 miles. I average about 50 miles a day and get a consistent 48-51 mpg in summer and not using the AC. In the winter in Ohio gas stations use different gas so MPG goes down to around 42 average.

    Recently I've had the check engine light come on and I ran the Actron OBD-II and pulled two codes.

    P1448 Manufacturer control / auxiliary inputs, auxiliary outputs
    P1600 Manufacturer control / auxiliary emission controls

    Does anyone know what these mean?

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    I have been getting similar

    I have been getting similar symptoms on a 04 HCH w/ 112000 miles. Three weeks ago the dealer said it needed a new IMA battery@$4300. Since then I purchased an Actron pocket code reader ($99 at Auto Zone) and have gotten P1600?? - P1433 (Battery Module Deterioration) twice in the last week. No one seems able to say what the P1600 is. Does anyone know of someone who is doing Hybrid battery reconditioning in the states? And does anyone know anything about the battery clinic in New Zealand

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    The P1600 is a generic OBD

    The P1600 is a generic OBD II code. It just means that a more specific code (Honda) has been set. To find the specific code you have to take it to the dealer or have a Vetronics Mastertech scan tool to get the actual code. The P1433 indicates thats the the main battery contactor or the by-pass contactor is staying active when it should not. Using an Actron pocket code reader will only read generic OBD II codes. Hope this helps.

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    civic hybrid 126000 miles My

    civic hybrid
    126000 miles
    My ima light came on pulled P1600 and P1433
    Is it possible to change the battery myself? (ima battery)

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    YES, you can change the

    YES, you can change the batters/IMA control package as a single unit. I got a replacement (recycled) battery/IMA unit 2 years ago from LKQ that costs only $500. I pulled it apart myself and replaced it in one day. That was at 100,000 miles, and it now gives me the p1600 code again at 193000 miles (but the car sat for a year while the transmission was in failure (Honda wanted $3400 for that; I got a recycled one for $1000, plus $225 shipping. That took 5 days to replace. So far no problems other that an occasional mild lurch while accellerating) Good Luck!

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    Can you tell me where you

    Can you tell me where you went, or ordered your recycled batteries from? I'm interested in doing the same. Thanks.

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    Please do tell us where you

    Please do tell us where you purchased the recycled battery, my wife's 2005 Civic is having IMA battery issues.

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    http://www.hybrid-battery-repair.com/hch/index.html (look at the section listed as NEW)

    You can get new hybrid batteries for $1800 plus shipping from this site. They will send you instructions on how to install the new battery. According to this company these batteries are more efficient than the current batteries that come with the HCH. They are coming from Asia so they take 3 weeks to arrive to the US. Hopefully, I can post in a couple of weeks that this cleared my P1600 and P1449 codes.

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    I have 2005 civic hybrid and

    I have 2005 civic hybrid and the IMA & check engine light came on.and I scan the the code is p1448 & p1600 what mean by is that??? Because i change the used hybrid battery I buy from ebay ,after I install I drive it 1 day.and the check engine came on with that code.

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    ????????? ?????? ???????? ???????? ?? <a href=http://morsha.com>?????????? ?????????? ????</a>.

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