Hi! I’m from the Philippines and I am planning on building a customized hybrid motorcycle to address the transportation needs of my country. Currently there are more motorcycles than cars in the country and we use “tricycles” (motorcycles with sidecars) for public transportation. Hybrid cars are almost nonexistent in the country and aside from LPG converted vehicles; there aren’t any other greener alternatives to traditional ICE vehicles. My project’s goal is to study the feasibility of a “hybrid conversion kit” that if successful can be made commercially available for tricycle operators and at the same time raise awareness for renewable and clean energy which at the moment is an irrelevant issue in this third world country.
I am doing this alone as a hobby and hopefully I can get some help or other ideas from you guys.
Here’s what I’m planning on doing from what I have researched:
1. I will be building a parallel hybrid with a microcontroller managing the use of the ICE and Batteries.
2. Nickel metal hydride batteries are to be used; I am estimating 50 V should be enough. Does anyone know any battery manufacturers?
3. Regenerative braking will be applied.
4. Will probably be using a 125cc motorcycle with manual transmission.

Some questions that I have yet to find answers:
1. I need the motorcycle to operate using the batteries on lower speeds and the ICE to kick in once it hits cruising speed, will I be able to achieve these results using a series configuration? Also might need a motor assist feature similar to the hybrid Honda civic which let’s the batteries assist the ICE in certain instances.
2. How do I know how much Volts ill be needing with the NIMH battery?
3. For regenerative braking, how much does a supercapacitor cost and is it easy to install? Are there other alternatives to doing regenerative braking?
Thank you very much. ? I am no expert but merely an enthusiast, unfortunately I am not good with these things and I am very lucky to have come across this website.