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    HAH + Mobile1 Synthetic = non-hybrid

    I changed the oil in my Accord Hybrid today and immediately I noticed strange behaviour, the AutoOff feature doesn't want to come on for some reason. I drove the car around town all day running errands and never once I saw the AutoOff come on. This completely baffled me, I know Mobil1 is very good oil, you can't go wrong with it and I also noticed the engine is running cooler than normal. After a day of driving and many attempts to pin point the problem, I finally draw a conclusion: the Mobil1 Synthetic oil did such as good job at reducing friction, as a result the engine is running cooler than normal, and due to that the HAH is miss interpreting the is in the warm-up process, hence, the AutoOff never come on. What do you guys think? Any suggestion?

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    I run mobil1 full synthetic

    I run mobil1 full synthetic through my car and have not had ANY problems like that. You asked your dealer what they think?

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    I had the same problem with

    I had the same problem with an 08 civic hybrid....brand new !! turned out to be the extra rubber floor mat I installed to protect the factory carpet mat from mud. The rubber floor mat was just slightly touching the gas pedal....so the IMA would not engage at stop lights. the car would also speed up going down hills quite a bit , and the transmission would also lock in park so I had to shove the key in that little slot by the shift lever. I noticed the mat on the gas pedal after two days of frustration.......moved it... and WOW!, all problems solved.. a whole new car. Moral of the story ? look for something simple, you may be surprised.

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