Hey Everyone! I have had my 03 CHC for a little over a month now, and I LOVE it. It is not getting mpg in the 40's yet, but I am still learning to drive this thing. Anyways, for the past weeks, as I accelerate through the 20mph - 35mph range, I hear a weird crunching or clicking noise - I think it is either from the transmission or the engine(?). I am not very mechanically savvy, therefore, I cannot tell you exactly what I hear. Also, when I turn on the car one click before the engine turns on, the "Maintenance Required" light blinks and flashes for a the better part of 15 seconds. Even after I turn on the engine, it blinks, then goes away after five or so seconds. Should I be concerned about either of these problems? I am getting an oil change in about 200 miles, possibly sooner depending on my availability and the pricing. If I take it to my honda dealer, can they check out all the fluid levels and see if I need to do any more maintenance on it? (It is nearing 77k miles)

Thanks for your insight!