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    My apologies - I misread the

    My apologies - I misread the original comment on the camera. Clearly, you have more experience with the nav than I do. That's an interesting idea, tho, of adding the cam. Might look into that when I get mine.

    The other add-in I'm curious about is the iPod link cable. It's not listed in the usual accessory list, but there are installation instructions for it in the listing of install PDFs on Honda's web site. I'm curious whether it would display track info on the nav screen and give remote control of the iPod from the steering wheel controls.


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    Hey MSantos do you anything

    Hey MSantos do you anything about the HCH in regards to being able to take out the factory stereo and putting one in from the store like your own stereo do you know if it can be done and would it ruin any of the functions of the car

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    That's a very good question

    That's a very good question and I am afraid I am not able to give you a certifiable answer.

    Informally however, I know of folks who have done just that. They've ordered a new dash cover (the Navi model dash cover) as part of a kit and they managed to install a standard issue audio system.

    Except for the NAVI equipped models I do not see a BIG problem doing that except that the OEM audio unit allows the display of specific diagnostic info that the third party audio equipment may not be able to integrate and display in the same manner (if at all).



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