I am disabled and recieve SSDI. First I saw the car in India for $2,500 and realize in US it would have to meet federal guide lines and never pass in this country. But I have seen the coupe on the road and wondered, could I afford this and be helping in being "green".

The prices are so high I would never be able to buy one of these cars and I am talking the cheapest one out there. I have to wait 5-8 years to get a used one, if they last that long.
So being in the VERY POOR catagory, I cannot buy one of these cars.

What is left for me in vehicles, and price I can afford: Big ass, 8 cylander truck or car, and maybe, I could find a decent V6. That is the only way I can buy a decent car around $5000-6000, and the $6000 is pushing my limited resources.

I am not the only person out here with the same problem, being poor in America. So when these hybrids get more and more popular, I'll get to buy their old gas guzzlers.