Hi there hybrid groupies, I am new to this site but have been a owner of a 2008 FEH for almost a year now. I just discovered this site/forum and have read some interesting and informative posts and learned that GaryG really knows his stuff! I originally purchased '08 FEH in June '07. I have put about 20K on the vehicle already and while the FE seems to improve in stair steps (much better than first driving off the lot)... I am encountering a HVAC issue that I am wondering of anybody else has experienced...

Since about 12K and during the (Florida) winter I noticed that the dual climate control now standard on the FEH started to malfunction. What I noticed while on a interstate trip up to Gainesville is that the passenger side of the vehicle was blowing much warmer than the driver's side. For those that don't have the '08 model FEH; there are themostat dials on both the driver's and passengers side that let you set the temperature to the exact degree. You also have the option of disengaging the passenger's side and control both through just the driver's side. What is happening is that basically anytime I try to set the temperature in my "goldilocks zone" between 73-76 degrees F, the passenger's side blows much warmer (85 deg +) depending on the outside temperature. My driver's side autoclimate tries to overcompensate for the hot air by blowing much colder than the set 75 degrees creating the perfect storm scenario within the cabin of my FEH. As you can imgaine this does not bode well with the better half since she she is usually the one sitting in the passenger's seat receiving the hot air... and let me tell you gentleman I now have been informed that mascara does not apply well at those temperatures . With this new found motivation, I have set out to get to the bottom of this issue... while still under warranty! Through investigation I have come up with the following observations/conclusions:

1. It does not appear to be an issue with the AC's ability to create cold air. If you force the issue by turning the passenger's side to 70 deg of lower, the air blows quite cold.

2. An offset of 75 deg/drivers side and 70 deg/passengers side seem to provide some balance.

3. The variance is more severe when the temperature outside is cold and you are using the autoclimate to warm the cabin (AC not activated).

4. The temperature seems to balance out better when in EV mode and the compressor shuts off. This observation seems like a good clue for paring down the possible problems.

When I took the vehicle in for it's 20K service to my friendly Ford dealer (yep, they talked me into the plan) I told them about the issue. Three weeks and two visits later I have had the ventilation doors electronically recalibrated, a new HVAC electronic face put in and the problem still exists. I've apparently got the local Ford mechanics and the Ford hotline folks srcatching their heads. I half seriously suggested them shipping my FEH back to the factory at Kansas City to get it fixed. I don't think they liked my idea. They give me my vehicle back and told me they they need to wait until they can get ahold of another FEH to do comparative testing. By the looks of the demand, I think I'll be waiting a while! I guess I should just be glad that I haven't had one of the horrific total power loss problems I have read on this site (knock on wood).

While I am not chipper about it, I can live with my perfect storm. I guess I just expect more from a brand new vehicle. thought I might see if anybody has experienced similar problems or has any suggestions. Comments appreciated