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    HCH II Steering issue?

    Hi all , have any of you good folks had any steering issues? My 2007 HCH seems to need constant little corrections . It's more noticable when I'm driving on the highway . i took a little trip last weekend about four hours each way and was quite played out after from working to keep the car in it's lane . The alinement was checked and the Honda dealership said it is ok? It wasn't windy that day(no big side winds). The tires were inflated to 48 psi . Is this an electric steering issue maybe? The car has 10000 kilometers on it . PS the mileage was over 56 mpg(imperial gallons 4.54 liters=1 gallon) not bad with a full trunk and four passengers .

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    I would say that it is the

    I would say that it is the the tire inflation. 48 lbs is high and would tend to make it wander as you have less contact patch overall.

    Have you made road trips before this and not had this issue?

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    I have two 2007 HCH IIs,

    I have two 2007 HCH IIs, both had this problem, now fixed.

    The solution is nicely detailed in a thread elsewhere here by MSantos:

    "A new TSB has been released that may help address your issues. Please contact another dealer or Corporate Honda and request that they look into the issue and repair the rear control arms. You may be able to request compensation for the premature tire wear.

    On January 22, 2008 the American Honda Motor Co, Inc. released a service bulletin (08-001), which applies to all 2006-2007 Honda Civics, except Si and Honda Accessory HFP Package. This includes all 2 and four door civics, not just hybrids. UPDATE: THIS ALSO APPLIES TO A NUMBER OF 2008s (determined by VIN).

    The Problem:
    Whether you have symptoms or not, if you have a 2006-2007 civic, your rear upper control arms were manufactured to incorrect specifications. You may notice uneven and/or rapid wear to your tires, a roaring noise from the rear, and/or a vibration at highway speeds.

    What Needs to be Done:
    Take your car to your local Honda dealer, preferably bringing a copy of the service bulletin. Tell your dealer about the symptoms that you are experiencing, if any, and tell them that you have not had your upper control arms updated.
    Your dealer should replace your rear upper control arm kit (part #04523-SNA-A00), four 12X51 flange bolts (part # 90397-SNA-A00), and two 12X95 flange bolts (part #90396-SNA-000). If your tire wear is substantial, American Honda will pay part, if not all of the cost of a replacement set. (see service bulletin page one for more info) The dealer should also do a full alignment. This should all be done at no cost to you."

    **My Own Experience:
    The dealer had two kits in stock and took care of both quickly. I had already replaced the stock tires on one of the cars, but, the problem persisted. With the new rear upper control arms and full alignment, things are much better and fuel economy improved about 4-6 mpg. Get this done; you'll be happier, much happier with the car.

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