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    Future Hybrid Upgrades

    I would like to see some predictions for future upgrades to our HCH's and Priuses. IF there is a breakthrough in battery technology and we get 5X the power density for 1/5 the price, our hybrids will be sitting pretty.

    Slam in a new battery pack, update the software and we are good to go!

    I think these cars will be on the road 10 years from now with hundreds of thousands of miles.

    IFF we get battery innovation.

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    Today's battery technology

    Today's battery technology is just fine. Just look at your cellphone.

    The manufacturers just don't want to put in too much electric propulsion too soon as it will eclipse their perceived bread-and-butter: the Internal Combustion Engine and Transmission.

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    What does BCM stand for?

    What does BCM stand for? Wiki list's it as Body Control Module, but that's not it I think. Battery Control Module?

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    uktiger: Those are all


    Those are all excellent points.

    However, the Gen 2 Civic Hybrids will not be able to have a new LiIon battery pack as a simple upgrade. It takes a little more than just a software update to make that happen. A newly designed BCM is needed for sure along with a revamped thermal management system.

    On the other hand, the upcoming hybrids from Honda and Toyota will be designed to operate with NiMH and then LiIon with little to no modifications.

    With regard to the existing hybrids: At a later date, it is certainly possible for a third party to produce an updated BCM that can work with the next gen LiIon battery packs ... especially if a business case can be made for it. I do think it would be a good thing.



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    Correct. On the Honda HEV


    On the Honda HEV architecture, BCM stands for Battery Control Module. That is the CAN connected module that:
    - Monitors the health of the traction battery pack
    - Governs the charge and discharge cycles



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    Is it true that no Mods can

    Is it true that no Mods can be done to the Civic Hybrid to either increse power or get better MPG's.

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    A couple of things you can

    A couple of things you can do:

    1. Install (and use) the block heater.

    2. Do a partial grill block.

    Even though it's more important in winter, the blockheater will save you fuel through faster warm-up year 'round. The grill block is a seasonal item, use when temp's are below 10C. For more info, see MSanto's very helpful thread:


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