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    Buying a 2008 Prius

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post.

    My wife and I are looking to replace her current vehicle with a 2008 Toyota Prius. I currently drive a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid that we are extremely happy with, but we are very fond of the Prius as well and my wife thinks it would be "dorky" for us to both drive the same car

    I was messing about on the Toyota website "building" a Prius and I wound up with a Prius with "package /option A" which gave me a MSRP of $23,809. My wife is adamant that she wants a base model prius, but she also wants the AUX jack to plug her iPod in, as comes standard on the HCH. The package that you have to add in order to get the AUX jack also includes the Smart Key, backup camera, and stability control; none in which my wife is interested but apparently she is stuck with all of those things if she wants to have the jack to plug her iPod into.

    So my question for all, and especially anyone who has recently bought a 2008 Prius, what price should I be looking to negotiate down to for this model? I'm thinking that I can haggle a bit due to the fact that I am only wanting that AUX jack and not all the other frills. I've also been told by a co-worker that she has heard that the sticker price of 2008 Prius' is quite negotiable.

    I guess another question related to this is: is it actually true that you have to buy "package/option A" in order to get the AUX jack, or does it actually come with the base model like the HCH?

    Thanks in advance for anyone's input/help on this!


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    I just bought one today. It

    I just bought one today. It has to be delivered from another dealer in order to get the colors I wanted, so that probably adds $100 to the $26K sticker price (Option Package 4). I got it out the door for about $26,250, which includes tax, title, tags, D&H, etc. Everything. That's my total price. I also got them to give me 4.6% financing, which is .25% better than my bank.

    All told, I guess I was able to get around $1250 knocked off the price. I went directly to the sales manager, skipping the sales guy. The first dealer that I went to told me they couldn't deal at all on the price.
    I feel pretty good about it. They say the sticker is only $1k over invoice. Not sure if that is true or not.

    Good luck!

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    I just bought one last week

    I just bought one last week (Package 2: with AUX, Smart Key, backup camera, and stability control). Although the Smart Key and backup camera are not necessary, they are a nice perk. The sticker price was $23,900 and I was able to get the price down to $22,500.

    Have them give you a negoiated price, before they know what type of vehicle you are trading in. You could get additional money off that way. Once, you have the negoiated price with the trade in, ask to see a printed list of the promotions to see if you qualify for any additional money off or special financing. If you will need financing, and have AAA, I believe their rate is 4.49% for 36 or 48 months.


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    We actually bought one last

    We actually bought one last weekend. It is a black Prius with tan interior. It actually had package 3 with a price a bit over $25,000, but we got it for the price of a Package 2 including all weather floor mats. When all was said and done, after our trade in and down payment we only had to finance $15,000, including the extended warranty, with a pretty good rate of 4.35%. So, all in all, it worked out rather well for us.

    As Jackie stated, we negotiated our price before talking about our trade.

    Now MY only problem is the jealousy factor of the fact that she's driving the brand new Prius and I'm driving an '07 Civic Hybrid!!

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    I've only had mine a couple

    I've only had mine a couple of months, but I have to say the Smart Key is well worth it. Surprisingly, it is one of my favorite features, even though I thought it was just gimicky before owning the car. Stability control is also a nice feature. Is she sure these are items she must avoid?

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    Bought a 2008 Prius package

    Bought a 2008 Prius package #2 Spectra Blue a week ago (April 21st) as well and will have to wait a week, will have by May 1st.

    Paid $23300 internet price and $19000 07 Honda CRV Trade with 12000miles.

    Thought it was a great price considering it is now a 1-2 month wait and no discount.

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    Yeah, my wife actually

    Yeah, my wife actually agrees now that the Smart Key, backup camera and stability control were all worth the extra cost. The fact that you can enter the car, start the car and lock the car without fumbling for your keys is really great.

    On a related note, a friend's car just died and he's looking for a new car. His old car was a Toyota and he has had it forever. He's shopping around today for a Prius!

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    Here are a couple of things

    Here are a couple of things to consider whey buying a new Prius:

    1. When we bought our 2006 (top package), I know the base models did not have side air bags - a major safety issue. That might still be the case, but I'm not 100% sure.

    2. When negotiating the price, always try to go for the invoice number or even below - remember, the dealer still gets a rebate check from the manufacturer after the car is sold, so even if they give it to you for slightly less than the invoice sticker, they'll still make money. And if they ever talk you into paying the MSRP, that means you've pretty much got suckered. You can always easily check what the real invoice and MSRP prices are on sites like kbb.

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    I'd like to buy a Prius and

    I'd like to buy a Prius and I have a few questions : Which seats are more comfortable, the leather or the cloth? What's the insurance quote on the prius for a person in its early 30's, no tickets. Also any tips are appreciated, I'm very interested in the difference in the year models and available options, like headlights, board computer, video cameras.

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