Hello everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post.

My wife and I are looking to replace her current vehicle with a 2008 Toyota Prius. I currently drive a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid that we are extremely happy with, but we are very fond of the Prius as well and my wife thinks it would be "dorky" for us to both drive the same car

I was messing about on the Toyota website "building" a Prius and I wound up with a Prius with "package /option A" which gave me a MSRP of $23,809. My wife is adamant that she wants a base model prius, but she also wants the AUX jack to plug her iPod in, as comes standard on the HCH. The package that you have to add in order to get the AUX jack also includes the Smart Key, backup camera, and stability control; none in which my wife is interested but apparently she is stuck with all of those things if she wants to have the jack to plug her iPod into.

So my question for all, and especially anyone who has recently bought a 2008 Prius, what price should I be looking to negotiate down to for this model? I'm thinking that I can haggle a bit due to the fact that I am only wanting that AUX jack and not all the other frills. I've also been told by a co-worker that she has heard that the sticker price of 2008 Prius' is quite negotiable.

I guess another question related to this is: is it actually true that you have to buy "package/option A" in order to get the AUX jack, or does it actually come with the base model like the HCH?

Thanks in advance for anyone's input/help on this!