Hi everyone - I am new to this forum. My wife & I went out today to drive and possibly buy a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid. We drove the car and were very impressed with the car. It seemed well built & solid, quiet on the road with a little wind noise, comfortable, with adequate acceleration. What my wife and I could not get past were the ugly exterior colors and the two interior colors. Why doesn't Honda offer the Civic Hybrid in all of the available Civic sedan colors? The Taffeta White (with no metallic or pearl) looks like a refrigerator, the Opal Silver Blue Metallic is just plain aweful, the Magnetic Pearl is also terrible, the Galaxy Gray Metallic makes the car look like a cheap subcompact, and the Alabaster Silver Metallic (the only nice exterior color) comes with a horrible dark blue & light gray interior. The Civic Hybrid Ivory interior looks more yellow than tan or ivory. The Civic Hybrid Blue interior, like I stated above, is a very dark blue with light gray. The dark blue seats just don't go with the rest of the interior. We don't understand why Honda can't offer the hybrid in more appealing color combinations. I guess they feel that the hybrids will sell no matter what they look like. Ford has the same problem with Escape/Mariner Hybrids. Ford does not offer all of the Escape/Mariner colors on the Escape/Mariner Hybrids plus good luck finding an Escape/Mariner Hybrid to look at or drive.

I guess we wait until the manufacturers build hybrids that look as good as they perform. Just my wife's & my opinions. We were ready to plunk down the money for the Civic Hybrid but the color combinations stopped us.